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Leet and The Gold Bug

I was rifling through a copy of the Great Illustrated Classics book of Tales Of Mystery and Terror by Edgar Allen Poe and came across a story called "The Gold Bug". The story uses something called "Captain Kidd’s Code" which … Continue reading

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Copyright Infringement

It strikes me that many on the Internet don’t "get it" when it comes to redistributing other people’s works. Maybe this example could explain it: Let’s say you’re suppose to work Monday to Friday. You work hard Monday to Thursday, … Continue reading

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I’ve just released an e-book entitled ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA, available at It’s a good book for anyone who feels their math skills are weak and it’s only a couple of dollars.  

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The Narrator As Character or The Character of the Narrator

It seems to me that what often makes the difference between flat writing and lively writing is the narration. Although it’s often subtile, how the narrator speaks to the reader has as much to do as any other character in … Continue reading

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