Business Support Services

Those who have been listening to my latest 13 Days of Halloween at Blue Hot Gossip will have heard my ad. I’m getting into a business of providing business services online, that is using the Internet to communicate with and transfer material with clients who need some help with the administrative side of their business. I’m using my e-mail address in the ad so that those who are interested in my services can contact me directly. I do have a webpage, although I’m still working out what to include on it. It can be found at

I can do a wide range of things, although working out exactly how I can help them depends on what their business is and what they need from me. About the only clerical work I would be inclined not to do with be tax forms, simply because tax laws vary by location and because there’s so many tax services around already. Although if someone wanted me to do the accounting for their business I would do it as part of the job.

I would also be hesitant to take on large data entry jobs simply because I’m not that fast at it and may not be able to get the work done in the time needed. However, I’m well trained in information systems so I would have no trouble analyzing and managing such information. I’ve also studied accounting, initially for a certificate which I then worked into a diploma. I’m also open to the idea of certification, however it’s only practical for me to pursue certification if I’m doing enough accounting.

There really isn’t much in the way of business on a computer that I can’t do. There are of course those specialized jobs within a business, such as cad/cam or graphic arts which I might have trouble with, but as far as the administrative tasks are concerned I have no problem. But those are tasks more common with a large business or a business that specializes in those services. I’m trying to focus on the smaller businesses usually by those who don’t know that much about businesses and need someone to help them with the administrative aspects of business.

I also consider spam a bad practice so I wouldn’t do it nor would I spam or ever sell client lists. I may however contact clients from time to time about things I think they need to know about but I can’t think of any at the moment.  I don’t currently have a business number but I’m waiting until there’s a proven need for one. If I have only a couple clients I may not need to get one.

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