2011 Pumpkins

This is the pumpkin I carved for this year:

Pumpkin.2011.Dark Pumpkin.2011.Light

It’s likely to shrink a little by tomorrow which may change a few things. I did plan on that, particularly with the teeth which should stand out more as the pumpkin dries. It was a smaller pumpkin than previous years, although I really didn’t mind since I didn’t feel like doing a lot of work—which is why I went with a simpler design than I usually do. I was going to give it eyebrows but decided not to since the eyes themselves were so large and I didn’t feel like doing the extra work.

I wasn’t up to doing anything too complex this year, although I’m sure I spend at least an hour on it. One thing I did differently was to carve the face out first before hollowing it out. That way I wasn’t as tired and less likely to make mistakes. I did make one slip while cleaning it up which I hope doesn’t become too apparent tomorrow. I also expect to do a little cleanup on the carving tomorrow.

I don’t have all my past pumpkins up since the page I had them on ended with the website I was using and I haven’t got around to uploading the pictures to a new site. However, the most recent can be found at http://www.freewebs.com/writerpatrick/apps/photos/album?albumid=7371949.

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